Main Activities

A. Research and Reference
Veda Research
1. Veda for the Masses  
2. Veda Research Institute
3. Dictionary of Vedas
4. Vedic Pathasala - training to learn correct Vedic chanting

Odia Language
1. Odia Dictionary Project – production of the Evolutionary Dictionary of the Odia Language

B. New Trend in Journalism
1. Satyachetana Odia Monthly Spiritual Journal launched in 2002. It presents articles from striving seekers and scholars. The unique feature of the journal is the articles based on sadhana experiences of seekers and seers. It also gives new interpretation of the basic scriptures. 
2. Satyavarta Weekly Odia Journal – News and burning issues from a spiritual angle are highlighted.

C. Holistic Education
1. Satyachetana Sikhyashram, Gadamanitri, District Khurda, Odisha 
2. Satyachetana Sikhyashram, Balanga, District Puri, Odisha 

D. Humanitarian Assistance
1. Old age support – SCET provides financial, medical, social, moral and spiritual support to aged scholars and senior citizens under different schemes. 
2. Emergency support – SCET provides timely support in the event of any emergency like cyclone, flood, sunstroke, accidents and other calamities by mobilizing material and man power.

E. Vocational Training
1. Computer training
2. Training camps and youth camps – for improving the skill of educated and unemployed youth
3. Career counseling
4. Fellowships and scholarships – for further support and training in specific careers

F. Spiritual Education   
1. Conducting yoga/spiritual camps
2. Awareness-building programs for expanding the consciousness
3. Dissemination and distribution of spiritual literature
4. Conducting residential courses on yoga, health and hygiene

G. Publication
1. Books and other media – SCET has a publication wing and has several publications in the field of education, spiritualism, yoga and vocational guidance.

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