Satyachetana Sikshyashram, Gadamanitri

Satyachetana Sikshyashram, Gadamanitri, established in 2005, is a school connected with the Satyachetana Ashram located in the village of Gadamantiri, Khurda District, Odisha, at the foot of Maa Ramachandi temple 40 kilometers west of Bhubaneswar.

Satyachetana Sikshyashram, Gadamanitri, facilitates a high standard of holistic education. Natural learning is emphasized through hands-on lessons and experiments. Cultural programs include dance recitals and skits, and are written and choreographed by the students themselves. The Bhagavad Gita is a fundamental part of the students’ schooling, as they learn its principles through their actions and practice daily chanting. 

At present, the classes are from Standard 1 to 8. 

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