Veda Research Institute

The principle objective of Veda Research Institute (VRI) is to decode the secret of the Vedas through study, research and application to day-to-day life. Various courses launched by VRI are designed to help mankind benefit from the eternal wisdom and promote harmony on the planet. Located at Tiruvannamalai, the world-famous spiritual city, on the northwest side of the holy mountain Arunachala, VRI aims to transmit the light and force of the Vedas to the whole planet.

The campus is located on Kanji Road, approximately 9 km from the city bus stand and railway station. One can reach the VRI campus, known as Ganeshpuri, from Chennai Airport, 120 km, and from Bangalore, 185 km, through taxi or express road transport buses. It is 110 km from the well-known spiritual city Pondicherry.

VRI Ganeshpuri campus has all the facilities for study, research, conference and library. Separate hostel accommodations are available for gents and ladies. Located in a scenic forest environment away from the hustle of city life, VRI offers an excellent opportunity for serious research and meditation.

Courses Offered

Apply online through the Application Form below, or send the Application Form with affixed passport-size photo to the SCET head office. Course fees are noted next to the course name.

A. Veda Research

  • Certificate Course on Veda Research - Rs 10,000
  • * Duration - one year
  • Diploma in Veda Research - Rs 15,000
  • * Duration - eighteen months
    * First month is residential
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Veda Research - Rs 20,000
  • * Duration - three years
    * First three months and second year residential
  • Master’s Degree in Veda Research - Rs 30,000
  • * Duration - three years
    * First six months and last year residential
  • PhD in Veda Research - Rs 50,000
  • * Duration - four years
    * First three months and fifteen days in each year residential

B. Yoga of Bhagavad Gita (YBG)

  • Foundation Course on YBG - Rs 10,000
  • * Duration - eighteen months
    * First fifteen days and last month residential
  • Bachelor’s Degree in YBG - Rs 20,000
  • * Duration - two years
    * First two months and last three months residential
  • Master's Degree in YBG - Rs 30,000
  • * Duration - thirty months
    * First three months and last six months residential
  • Teacher Training Course on YBG - Rs 50,000
  • * Duration - three years
    * First six months and last eighteen months residential

C. Raja Yoga

  • Foundation Course on Raja Yoga - Rs 10,000
  • * Duration - six months
  • Degree in Raja Yoga - Rs 25,000
  • * Duration - two years

D. Hatha Yoga

  • Certificate Course on Hatha Yoga - Rs 10,000
  • * Duration - one month

E. Veda Chanting

  • Certificate Course on Veda Chanting - Rs 10,000
  • * Duration - one year
  • Basic Course on Veda Chanting - Rs 20,000
  • * Duration - two years

F. Vedic Astrology

  • Degree Course on Vedic Astrology - Rs 30,000
  • * Duration - two years

G. Online Course

  • Certificate Course on YBG - Rs 5,000
  • * Duration - one year

*Courses in category A and B are available online and in residence.
*Courses in category C, D, E and F are fully residential.
*Courses in category G are online only.

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